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iaMap Sandbox

authors: Oliver Kreylos, Tomas Mudrunka, Pavol “stick” Rusnak

Interactive Augmented Reality Mapping Sandbox. Kinect reads the height map of the world created by people from sand. This height information is then translated by a computer into the corresponding color, which is then projected on the sand surface via a digital projector.

sandbox3.jpg sandbox4.jpg ASCII

Originally a collaboration with Tomas Mudrunka, based on the work by Oliver Kreylos. Now powered by a custom lightweight open-source software capable of running on embedded devices like Raspberry Pi or Beagleboard.

SARndbox by Oliver Kreylos

iaMap Book

authors: Richard Janecek, Pavol “stick” Rusnak

A book with plain pages stands on a pedestal. When someone approaches it, the text slowly appears on its pages. When a page is turned, the book reacts by showing different contents respecting the direction of a page flip. After the person walks away, the book again returns to its original empty form.

book0.jpg book1.jpg

The work being a collaboration with Richard Janecek was featured in the National Technical Library (NTK) Gallery in Prague. It uses Kinect and a digital projector to achieve the mentioned effect, so similarly to iaMap Sandbox the technology stays well hidden from the spectator. On every approach the book is opened to a random page and there is a possibility to have a library of books so each time the displayed book is picked randomly as well.

PVinNTK website


author: Pavol “stick” Rusnak

Interactive video-feedback VJing software. A camera is pointed to the computer screen, its picture is modified by a chain of custom made visual filters, which is then shown again on the very same screen. This feedback creates a complex chaotic system of colorful visuals.

potbox2.jpg potbox3.jpg potbox4.jpg potbox5.jpg potbox6.jpg potbox7.jpg potbox8.jpg potbox9.jpg

The project uses OpenCV for retrieving the camera stream, which is later rendered using OpenGL and an advanced pixel-shader. The behavior of this shader is controlled by an attached MIDI controller, which in combination with a movable camera provides an easy and intuitive way how to interact with the process that generates the images. Audio can also be used to change the filter parameters resulting in visuals that react to volume and/or frequency of the recorded sound.

Oven Costume

authors: Ha Thanh, Peter “borky” Boraros

Peter worked on an “oven custome” for the main protagonist Pavel Liska of a theater play called “Pena Dni” (Froth on the Daydream, based on novel by Boris Vian). The idea for the costume is based on the Infinity Mirror concept.


Pena dni on Ha Thanh's website

3D Printed Music Notes

authors: fufu, Pavol “stick” Rusnak, Tomislav “sargon” Arnaudov

A set of 3D printed music notes which combined with magnets are used for teaching music on a magnetic whiteboard, so teacher does not have to draw and erase notes all the time.

music-notes.jpg music-notes-fridge.jpg

3D Printed Pasta

authors: Pavol “stick” Rusnak, Tomislav “sargon” Arnaudov

A set of variously shaped 3D printed pasta pieces which were supposed to be used as an Italian restaurant decoration.



Prokop Bartonicek, Pavol “stick” Rusnak and Tomislav “sargon” Arnaudov together form a creative studio for hi-tech interactive installations and objects called pebe/lab. Click on the icon below to see pebe/lab's portfolio.

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